Honey-Roasted Pecans


Honey Roasted Pecans. Available in 8 oz. packages or 30 lb cases.

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Are you trying to find a way to buy wholesale honey-roasted pecans at a great price? Selman Nut Co. has the answer for you! We offer bulk pecans for both retail and personal use, and our honey-roasted pecans are packed with a flavor that everyone will love. If you need pecans for any reason, give us a call today.

Our Pecans

Pecans are a wonderful nut to eat because they are packed with nutrients. From protein and fiber to healthy fat, vitamins, and minerals, pecans are brimming with nutrients. Plus, they’re versatile and can go in trail mix, in pie, or in sandwiches. Or you can just eat our honey-roasted variety by themselves!

You can buy our bulk pecans in either 1 lb. packages or 30 lb. cases, so you can get however many nuts you need. We offer only the highest quality of pecans on our site because we want each of our customers to love every mouthful.

In fact, we’re still a family-owned and -operated business. So you get great customer service on top of our bulk honey-roasted pecans. We are confident that you’ll love our nuts, so buy your bulk pecans at wholesale prices here or call us at 918-500-0744 if you have any questions.

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